Power wrenches

Rail mounted power wrenches

There is a wealth of different types and versions of these machines on the market. The best ones satisfy the following requirements:

  • high and precise torque (up to 900 Nm for untightening, up to 550 Nm for tightening)
  • accurate, fast and uncomplicated torque setting
  • no possibility of increase in torque during the tightening process
  • possible to deal with all common screws used in the track
  • flexible use with different bolts and torques within a section of track under repair
  • low weight and low centre of gravity in order to facilitate the lifting out of and into the track (especially in the case of ballast bed edges)
  • integrated lighting
  • low maintenance
  • use on different track gauges

A torque measurement can be incorporated with these innovative screw drivers or power wrenches so that measurements can be made and recorded on each screw as well as the location of each screw tightened. This makes it possible to create a fair record during the activities, since the measurements can be carried out automatically, without them being influenced by other factors and with high precision.

Portable impact power wrench

Portable battery power wrench
Portable battery power wrench
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In addition to the mobile power wrenches there are portable machines which are also suitable for tightening or untightening nuts and coach screws.  

Both petrol engine driven screwdrivers and battery powered machines are available on the market. They are versatile and can be operated by one person.

  • centrifugal clutch
  • reduction and reverse gear
  • strong, robust design
  • simple operation in every working position
  • no transfer of the screw torque to the operator
  • clockwise or anticlockwise operation