Welding consumables

If the welding portion (Thermit) is activated by an inflammable bar to produce the conversion, the oxygen is drawn away from the iron oxide by the aluminium. Thus, it will be converted into aluminium oxide and releases the required iron. 

Metal oxide + aluminium oxide -> metal + aluminium oxide + heat = Thermit

Welding portions:
The raw materials are each mixed separately, carefully and stored in silos. The various components are removed from these silos, via automatic weighing scales, according to recipes mechanically mixed with one another and filled into portion bags.

The ignition sticks:
The ignition sticks activate the conversion of the Thermit portions into iron. The sticks should not be stored with the Thermit portions. The ignition sticks could self-ignite at a temperature of 200°C, and that is why storing the sticks in the clothing of the welder is prohibited (risk to life).