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About Trackopedia

What began as a small idea is now a well-known industry-wide platform! 

The idea for Trackopedia, like other things that begin small, started as a passion. Two enthusiastic rail workers built the idea step by step and Trackopedia became bigger than they ever imagined. The platform began as a before-after picture comparison of rail works that documented the progress that had been made as well as different rail works procedures. After the concept was developed, the only thing missing was a fitting name. Long thinking finally lead to the decision: Trackopedia. The platform naturally pivoted into a more comprehensive version. In the long term it will cover all fields of track works, the entire infrastructure industry and the railway system itself – a complete railway encyclopedia. After many successful years and a recently introduced brand-new design, Trackopedia now offers more useful information and knowledge for the users than ever before. 

Provision of knowledge and information for the users as main goal

With a constantly increasing amount of contents and number of topics covered, more and more partnerships with independent railway companies have been formed. These partnerships have significant influence in ensuring that the contents are always kept up to date with the highest industry standards. They also guarantee that the contents remain free for the users. If your company is interested in knowing more about displaying content on Trackopedia, feel free to contact us. 

The original idea of providing valuable content for the users is more present than ever before. The continuous work on the platform, as well as the constant exchange with industry experts and especially the users enables us to constantly improve and expand the encyclopedia. Our focus remains on bringing the users closer to the interesting infrastructure industry and especially rail works. Trackopedia offers a solid foundation of specialist industry knowledge to apprentices, longtime industry employees, teachers, trainers, engineers, managers and industry enthusiasts. 

Development of the entire industry on an international level

To continue the development of Trackopedia in every aspect FOR THE USER, we encourage you to give us input in any form possible, e.g. giving us feedback or providing us with specialist articles. Whether we meet at trade shows, during conferences, in person in one of our training centers, via E-Mail or through social media, we are always more than happy to interact with you and to implement constructive criticism or to simply talk about the interesting infrastructure industry we all work in and are enthusiastic about.